Mouthpiece Refacing


The mouthpiece, the eminent connection between the musician and the instrument, with its sensitive measurements is highly responsable for building the tone. Only one of these measurements being incorrect reduces the efficiency of building the tone, because the air-stream does not let the reed vibrate optimally.

 Faults can be for example:

  • inaccurate facing-lengths, too long or too short
  • inaccurate facing-curve, f.ex. uneven siderail curves or unproportional opening
  • uneven mouthpiece table
  • inaccurate baffle
  • inaccurate tip rail

These faults are difficult to notice, but have negative effects on the response of the mouthpiece, like:

  • strong resistance
  • muffled sound
  • lower register does not respond
  • squeaky sounds
  • flageoletts are hard to play

Mistakes like that, as well as damages ( broken tip-rail or a dent inside the facing), will be corrected by a refacing.

If the tip-opening does not fit anymore, the mouthpiece can be modified by expanding or reducing the tip-opening. Facing leingth, curve, baffle, tip-and side-rails will be attuned and optimized to the new opening. The results are better playing-qualities.I also take the measurements of each mouthpiece to be able to transfer the dates to another one, so the player will get a second mouthpiece with an almost similar character and playing-quality.

Refacing contains:

  • cutting mouthpiece-table flat
  • expandng or reducng tip-opening
  • korrection of facing-length and -curve
  • modifying and polishing tip-rail
  • modifying and polishing side-rail
  • modifying and polishing baffle



Ebonit Mouthpiece
85,- Euro
Metal Mouthpiece 95,- Euro
Steel Mouthpiece 120,- Euro
silvering 60,- Euro

incl. 19% tax plus postage, pre-payment or PAYPAL